Scott Tarbox

Houston based artist


Scott Tarbox is a street artist based in Houston, Texas. Scott started participating in art shows in late 2012. Since then he has shown in numerous events and exhibitions including WHAM at Winter Street Studios, The Chive’s Storm the Castle, and Carte Blanche. His murals are present in many states across the US including San Francisco & Miami, as well as 2 walls in Bogota, Colombia.

Recently, Scott was one of only 13 artists selected for the RETHINK! Houston Street art tile project and one of three artists selected for the 2015 Escapist program offered by John Palmer. His work is featured in documentaries, articles, and news items about street art such as the Economist website and Darci McFerran’s upcoming Netflix exposee on the subject.

Scott spearheaded the Free Art Friday movement in Houston with Black Cassidy with the support of aerosol warfare and Spratx. Together they have since been covered by Culture map and Darci McFerran under the collective name “Ground Control” and have organized a series events aimed at empowering local artists.

In 2014, Scott painted live at Art Basel and was subsequently offered an opportunity to showcase again in 2015.

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