“I don’t often paint or draw in realism – instead I use saturated colors, unnatural glows and biological mash-ups to express real world feelings, experience and challenges – hopefully with the same air of optimism and calmness that I feel from nature. I fell in love with spray paint the moment that it was in my hands – the speed, the opacity, the thickness of the pigment. It’s unapologetic and applies with clear intention – it’s the perfect medium for me to create the myriad of curious critters I’ve been leaving behind me wherever I go.”
Scott Tarbox is a visual artist/muralist currently working and living in Houston, Texas.

Mural Festivals

    • Hue Mural Festival – Houston, Texas
    • Astros World Series Mural Project – Houston, Texas
    • Awall Festival – Miami, Florida
    • Spray Seemo – Kansas City, Missouri
    • Akumarl Mural Festival – Akumal, Mexico
    • Nomadink – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    • Basel House – Miami, Florida
    • Essex Mural Festival – San Antonio, Texas
    • Free Press Summer Fest  – Houston, Texas
    • Smile  South Central – Los Angeles, California
    • Meeting of Styles – Houston, Texas

Gallery Show

  • “Hi, Definition” Solo Show October 2019, Grassroots, Chicago, Illinois
  • “Essential Vitamins” February 2017 The GASM, Houston, Texas
  • Live Hat Painting for NFL players 2017, Houston, Texas
  • Live Painting for  El Jimador 2017, Winter Street Studios, Houston, Texas
  • Live Painting for House of Blues 2017, Houston, Texas
  • “Jawbreaker” Solo Show – Hardy & Nance Studios 2016, Houston, Texas
  • Houston Superbowl selected artist Discovery Green 2016, Houston, Texas
  • “Wet Paint” May 2016 Aerosol Warfare, Houston, Texas
  • Live Mural Painting for XGames April 2016, Austin, Texas
  • “For the Love of Texas” March 2016 Spratx, Austin, Texas
  • “Beautifully Ugly” Solo Show – John Palmer Chrysalis Gallery 2015, Houston, Texas
  • Redbull Cooler Show October 2015 Winter Street Studios, Houston, Texas
  • Live painting Art Outside October 2014 Apache Pass, Rockdale, Texas
  • Redbull Exhibition May 2014 Circuit of the Americas




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